Episode 1 Part 1

Why are interns at Tech giant Meta dying? What is the company hiding?

Episode 1 Part 2

Tragedy strikes A'isha's life for a second time and Livi decides now is the time for a break-in

Episode 2 Part 1

Livi and A'isha are in a coffee shop toilet with a bag of blood and a furious Scotsman beating on the door, could things get any worse? They will...

Episode 2 Part 2

Has Saul been captured by Ewan? Send Livi to the rescue - yeah... great idea!

Episode 3 Part 1

Livi deals with an intruder in her own inevitable way while A'isha dares to enter the mysterious MetaBeta labs.

Episode 3 Part 2

Headphone listening essential! This one is intense and completely in your face... Enjoy!

Episode 4 Part 1

A'isha's throat has been cut, Saul has rescued her, the case is safe and Livi is fighting in a ditch - the fourth episode of Blood Culture begins!

Episode 4 Part 2

Huge reveals bursting into your earbuds on this one! Livi and Alan have to make a rapid escape, while A'isha and Saul are caught at Glastonbury.

Episode 5

What is Richard doing in the campus? How can A'isha live with the truth? Will Saul ever work out how a mobile phone works? The final episode. It all ends here.

Episode 5 Post Show

Extended post show where we chat and chat about the series

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