The cast and crew being happy


Lance Dann
creator and series producer, story design, writer of episodes 1, 2 (with Philip Connolly), 3, and 5 (with David Wigram), sound designer of episodes 1 and 5 and interactive narrative designer.

Philip Connolly
story design, trailer and films, Venny's blog master, studio operator and writer of episode 2 (with Lance Dann)

David Wigram
story design, writer of episode 4, and episode 5 (with Lance Dann) and charming host of the after shows.

Dr Cristina lo Celso
project bio-medical consultant.

Simon James
music, studio operator and sound designer of episodes 2 and 4

Nick Ware
executive producer

Ed Baxter
Resonance 104.4FM support and project management

Alan Gilchrist
assistant director

Stephen R. Cooper (millipedia)
development of interactive game and this website

Andrew S. Walker (Periscope Design)
graphic design

Marley Cole
studio operator and sound and music design for episode 4

Claire M Singer
theme composer

Michael Jacaszek

Thomas Brinkmann 
music for Episode 1 teaser

Michael Harding (Touch)
music consultant

Lizzie Parkinson
script supervisor and social media

Melita Dennett

Kaye Tilbury
production intern

Kristina Chapman
production intern

Dr Claire Marriott
bio-medical advisor (haematology)

Simone Weeks 
bio-medical advisor (sickle cell)

Dr Ash Toye 
bio-medical advisor (haematology)

Professor Julie Kent 
bio-medical advisor (blood markets)

Professor Chris Cooper
bio-medical advisor (EPO)

Thanks to Lee Gooding, James D Morris, Dawn Dann and anyone else who advised or helped us.


Chetna Pandya as A’isha

Bryony Afferson as Livi

Jack Klaff as Richard

Nathan Bryon as Venny

Stephen Critchlow as Saul

Alan Gilchrist as Alan

Laurel Lefkow as Lorraine Sheldrake

Tam Dean Burn as Ewan

Anna Nguyen as Shereen

Laura Martin Simpson as Kim

Chris Gates as Luka

Alexi Parkin as Professor Laithewaite

Bea Yiasoumi as Emilia

Lizzie Parkinson as Justine

And Rob Rackstraw as Peiter and Serjez